Overview of our funding opportunities

From 5 mln. EUR with no defined limits in Africa, Asia, CIS, Europe, Latin America and USA:

  • Agriculture and farming (dairy, fishing, forestry, livestock, processing, vineyards)
  • Banking (hedge funds, banking related business)
  • Drones & flying cars (startups and manufactoring)
  • Energy (biogas, green hydrogen, solar, thermal, wind)
  • Healthcare (clinics, hospitals, retirement housing, sports clubs)
  • Industrial & manufacturing facilities (aluminium, copper, steel, textile)
  • Logistics (smart transportation, trucking, vessels)
  • Mining (copper, gas, minerals, oil, ores)
  • Real estate (development, eco housing, hotels/resorts, residential and commercial real estate) – see healthcare
  • Spaceship & space exploration (manufacturing of spaceships, space exploration and mining)

You can also submit a business case that is not listed. And we’ll see what we can do for you.

What we need: Business Plan or at least an Executive Summary, including CV of project owner, and financial projections in Excel Spreadsheet: (BOQ), Gross turnover, Capex, Opex, Cashflow and ROI in EUR or USD.

The terms, conditions and procedure of the Terra Novum Group apply to this website.

Thank you very much for finding us a capital provider. We couldn’t get a loan from the bank. But thanks to your network, we managed to do it anyway.

David M. (USA)

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